We are proud to say that this new innovative design honors everything great about an Iverson Duck Call.  The call carries the traditional Iverson look and construction inside and out.  It has a beautiful and subtle low-end quack coupled with a clear, loud and crisp high end that will reach mallards in the clouds.  The barrel and stopper are threaded for a quick turn O-Ring assembly (Patent Pending) that insures a perfect seal for sound transmission..


The Old Style Standard Field Call

Our Old Style Standard call has the same classic Iverson sound as the New Style Standard but with a deeper tone that is the same as the original calls designed by E.V. Iverson in the 1920’s. The Old Style has a deep, clear rasp that late season mallards demand. This beautifully styled call will send purists down memory lane with thoughts of hunts from long ago.

The Old Style Timber Call

For the traditionalist, the Old Style Timber call will provide the same deep tone as the Old Style Standard but with a slightly easy blowing crisper sound. The shorter barrel and a long reed produce an extraordinary deep rasp that can only be found with an Iverson.

The Super Standard Call

The New Style Super Standard was developed as an all-around call that is certain to bring results. This exceptional field call uses a flat platform and curved single reed design, making it very easy to use. The New Style Super Standard is perfectly suited for open field and distance calling while offering a nice low end. It has unequaled sound and volume to match.

The Super Timber Call

Our timber call has a shorter barrel than the Super Standard, giving it a rich, natural, and full bodied rasp and somewhat higher register. This outstanding call is uniquely suited for timber and close in calling while maintaining the distinct ability to reach way out. Many of our hunters use the Super Standard when the birds are out far then switch to the timber call when they get in close. The New Style Super Timber call is an excellent compliment to the Old Style Standard. Together they fulfill the hunter’s every calling need.

The World Champion Field Call

The World Championship Field Call is designed with the serious caller in mind. Emery Mitchell created this call in 1987 to win the World Championship Duck Calling Competition in Stuttgart, Arkansas. The rest is duck calling history. Using a new curved platform and straight single reed design, the World Champion Field Call, made in Cocobolo with an African Blackwood stopper, provides higher highs and lower lows and is smooth up and down the scale.